Xona Rotor Logo


A life of collecting, hoarding and pouring over performance racing parts catalogs has finally paid off. When you find somebody who speaks racing and they ask you to help present turbos to other people, it’s a dream come true.

Xona Rotor was forged in 2015 from a long-standing relationship between industry leaders TiAL Sport and Forced Performance. Their mission is to set the standard for motorsport turbochargers, delivering the highest-possible level of quality and performance. They asked Driftpoint Media to design an on-brand, visually stunning product catalog to help spread the word about their world-class turbochargers.

Product catalogs still remain a solid way to promote a company’s marketing initiatives and products. Driftpoint Media designed a unique and beautifully crafted catalog layout for Xona Rotor, helping to increase sales, target a broader reach of customers and increase brand awareness.


Catalog Design

Concept and art direction, design and layout