Magnolia's Logo


We knew we found a special place at Magnolia’s the first time we walked in. The intent was to grab a few photos before they opened and get a feel for the space they created. What we found was that when you own a restaurant that makes actual fresh food, the place is never empty. Meeting them EARLY one morning, the cafe was already buzzing. Fresh food was being prepared for the first wave of the day, a team of people were preparing meals ordered the night before, and the aroma of baking croutons filled the room. “Oh, those are for soups that we make from scratch,” explained Sue Palermo, when we asked what was coming out of the oven. This was before the doors even opened.

If you have been out for lunch in Rochester, you have probably been to Magnolia’s Deli & Cafe.  They were already doing amazing things for food long before we walked in the door. We needed to help convey that same magic on their website. Driftpoint was able to move Magnolia’s Cafe to a mobile-ready, modernized site, that allowed them to update content on their own.

We started with some images of the space and food, with an amazing staff that hid behind the counter during the photoshoot. We designed some custom graphics to keep the navigation and flow of the website consistent, and we made sure to sample as much food as possible. Driftpoint designed their print advertisements and coupons as they continue to grow flourish in the heart of Rochester.


Web Design and Development

Custom designed website built on WordPress, with integrated menus, social feeds, and news updates


Design of local advertisements and coupons


Onsite showcase photography