Built in the namesake of LT Michael P. Murphy, this museum in Sayville, NY will become the place to honor and preserve the history of the Navy SEALS. In a global world of fundraising and awareness, the museum, which has deep roots in the community, wanted to focus on grassroots efforts first.

This project started as “we need a website,” and evolved into so much more. With the largest hearts and an inspirational cause, they needed consistency and resources to deliver their message passionately.


Corporate Identity Design

Brand alignment with font and imagery standardization

Web Design and Development

Custom designed, media-centered website built on WordPress with integrated Google Analytics and reporting

Marketing Strategy

Communications tools to drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, and entice donors

Exhibit Design

Physical booth design and production for exhibiting at grassroots events

Content Marketing

Print design, digital billboards, and email marketing

Public Relations and Social Media Management

Visibility and credibility at events and on social media channels


Onsite event photography and media processing