DCLighting Logo


What happens before “Camera!” and “Action!”? LIGHTS of course!

It’s rare that a company comes to us with such stunning visuals and media already in their portfolio of work that we have a hard time deciding what not to show off. DCLighting is that company and we were delighted to shine the light on them for a change with a website redesign, one worthy of showcasing their work.

DCLighting is a professional, Emmy award winning lighting company founded by Darren Langer, located in Los Angeles, CA. With over two decades of experience in the lighting field, DCLighting has one of the most well-rounded lighting background in the entertainment industry, ranging from reality shows, commercials, feature films, sitcoms and primetime network shows.

To showcase this experience, Driftpoint Media first refined the DCLighting company brand, and then designed and developed their new website, structuring it around their extensive portfolio of work, awards and production reels.

If Darren is reading this, he is already on the phone asking us to humble this down, because he credits ALL of his talent to the people he works with and the amazing mentors he’s had along the way.


Web Design and Development

Custom designed, portfolio-centered website built on WordPress

Content Development

Copywriting and editing for website project portfolios

Video Editing

Promotional video editing for splash display