[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Content Based Marketing[/h1]
The core of what we do here at driftpoint Media is building content based marketing campaigns, empowered through online distribution. What that really means is that we bring you an audience for you to show your product off to.

We use innovative and interactive approaches at capturing people through web, media, and social campaigns and then we educate you on how to measure the results.

[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Health Check[/h1]
We take a look at your online exposure profile and give you a glimpse at what you look like from the perspective of the search engines. Then we give you the recipe. You can choose to let us put the pieces in place or not.

[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Web Development[/h1]
If you do not have a website, we have some harsh numbers for you in regards to how people find products and services. When you are ready we can build you a website reflective of your product. Not only will we design the site, but it will be structured to capture the organic search results that define you online.

[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Email Marketing[/h1]

Email remains to be the most cost effective form of online marketing. We build and design professional email campaigns and tie them into your Google Analytics code so you can see what campaigns are effective and what ones are not.

[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Social Media Strategies[/h1]

Have to begin to build up your social media eco system? We can help get you there by setting up all of the pieces, or we can become your voice online. We can even develop stories for your blog to keep your rankings strong in the search engines and help engage your audience.

[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Localization[/h1]
Do you know how many people are finding you through apps and search engines focused on GPS location? We can align your online presence to make sure you are not missing out on potential customers. Google Places, Facebook Check-in, Foursquare, Bing Local, Yelp and many other touch points acts are your first contact when people find you.

[h1 style=”first-word double-color”]Business Consulting[/h1]
After 20+ years of corporate IT Management we hung up our corporate ties and entered the world of digital marketing. Those 20 years gave us the communication skills to manage any project. More importantly it gave us the change management skills to communicate business strategies to the people who make the magic happen.

[h2]Have an existing marketing department?[/h2]
We have a development program for existing marketing teams to give them the tools to build their internal teams.  We come in, develop the program, deliver the tools, optimize your team and let you get back to business, more effectively.


There are millions of dollars out there available to help fund raising efforts grow. Most of them don’t have the tools or resource knowledge to take advantage of them. We train your team to manage fund raising efforts in an evolving digital world.

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