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MCM Natural Stone was one of the first websites we built more than 10 years ago. They were easy to work with because as a family owned company, they truly wanted to make things better for their business and their family. To say they just install granite countertops would be an understatement. They source, design, fabricate, install and support some of the most amazing works of art made out of stone in Rochester.

Ten years ago, our website we built for them was top notch. However, the world, the internet and the way we use websites has changed over the last decase. They knew it was time to modernize their website.

The priority to build websites for mobile viewing has overtaken traditional computers, so we created a responsive website.  With this increased functionality, an enhanced user experience, and a more sophisticated look, we were able to maintain their family-owned reputation, while also showcasing their gallery of stone projects.


Web Design and Development

Custom designed website built on WordPress