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Stephen Burke

President & Photographer, Driftpoint Media

Gabriel Enders

Photographer & Owner - Skylark Photography

2022 Photo Team

Driftpoint Media is excited to be the Official Photographer for One Lap of America for 2022. It’s a challenging event, but one we love to be involved in. We have two people hustling to catch as much as we can in imagery before the week is through.

Stephen Burke ran as a competitor in the event from 2009-2013 then came back in 2018 to take photos while Steve Rossini and his son Alex took the drivers seat for the first time. He’s been behind the camera for years capturing everything from live events to private track groups at Watkins Glen.

Gabriel Enders owns a photography company called SkyLark Photography, based out of the Adirondacks and is active duty in the Air National Guard. You can find Gabriel in the cockpit of the C-130s flying to Greenland or Antarctica where he is always capturing some stunning visuals.

History of One Lap Photography

Steve Rossini from Highland Design Studio was the first “Official” One Lap Photographer to go on the event in 2002. While the event had media coverage before, it takes a different kind of photographer to drive the same marathon route as the teams to capture the essence of the event.

From 2002-2019, Steve and his team have covered 70,000 one lap miles, shot 110,000 digital photos, produced 17 volumes of the One Lap Yearbook, a bunch of magazine covers, and an incredible list of magazine articles.

Driftpoint Media’s origin story came from One Lap of America so it was only fitting to return to the event, not as a competitor, but to help capture the event that we fell in love with. So while we have some big shoes to fill, Driftpoint Media is the Official One Lap of America Photographer Team for the 2022 event.


Steve Rossini

Photographer, Highland Design Studio